Barry Beyerlein


Barry Beyerlein is the owner and founder of Zoom Technologies. A design engineer by training, his background includes a spectrum of designing, engineering and prototyping across multiple industries which allows him to be extremely knowledgeable and adaptable. In 2011 he was encouraged to develop a better trimmer that would focus on higher production rates with good ROI to help support the emerging industry. When he’s not working on his entrepreneurial endeavor, he’s running, cycling and traveling with his wife. Barry loves to talk to his customers and will often answer the phone at Zoom Technologies headquarters.

Cindy Beyerlein


Cindy Beyerlein is the co-owner of ZOOM Technologies with her husband, Barry. She earned a Computer Science degree while in Shanghai, China and launched her career in the IT industry. She also has experience in consumer products Account Management for two of the world’s largest and highest acclaimed brands. In 2012 she collaborated with her husband’s passion on improving the efficiency and reducing the cost of the industry in Seattle by building better processing equipment. In her free time, Cindy is an avid gardener, especially flowers, during those few non-rainy months in Seattle and enjoys perfecting her piano skills.