Zoom Pro with Leaf Collector



Made in USA

This is the newest version of our line of trimmers with the highest quality components and workmanship. It is the goldilocks of trimming machines.  This ruggedized machine is the perfect fit for the medium to large-scale commercial growers and processors. Our goal at Zoom Technologies is to build quality, reliable, high output for the best ROI.




Wet  100-150lbs per hour

Dry – 50lbs per hour


Tandem (2PRO’s)

Wet – 300+ lbs/hr

Dry – 100+ lbs/hr



Zoom Pro (Dry or Wet Barrels Option) Model: DB2200   Zoom Pro Specs:

Input voltage 220/240V
Current draw 12A
Circuit breaker size 20A / double pole
Weight 360lbs / 163kgs
Length 51” / 129.5cm
Length w/o hopper 38” / 96.5cm
Width 32” / 81.3cm
Height w/o wheels 30.5” / 77.5cm
Height 38” / 96.5cm
Discharge outlets 2 – 6” / 15.2cm

  ZOOM Vacuum Specs:

Input voltage 220/240V
Motor 3HP / 2.2KW
Amp 8A
Motor Speed 3450 RPM
Airflow capacity 2800 CFM
Circuit breaker size 20A / double pole
Weight 154lbs / 70kgs

    Additional Requirements: Extension cord 25ft. max – 12/3 AWG (min AWG) 25ft / 7.6m (max length)

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