The Smart Mini Zoom uses a patented trimming technology that gives you the most bang for your buck. It is designed to be extremely affordable but can still outperform larger machines. Therefore, you get increased efficiencies in your output with its 110-volt system including vacuum, at a cost-effective price. With our revolutionary Parallel Double Barrel Technology, you can actually double your ROI while owning a reliable, lightweight portable product that is easy to set up and use.

Mini Zoom


Zoom Pro

trimmer 1000x1000

This Zoom Pro is the newest of our line of trimmer. It is the goldilocks of trimming machines. This ruggedized machine is the perfect fit for the medium to large-scale commercial growers. With its 220-volt input, this machine is geared for high performance but is also equipped with all the safety features needed to keep you free from harm. With its 10” wheel, Zoom Pro is easily transportable allowing for better flexibility.