Part# 00514


Heavy duty vacuum built to perform with high air flow for excellent Zoom Pro cutting performance. Large impeller access of the Zoom Pro leaf collector for cleaning and designed with cyclone action filtration to efficiently filter material.


Zoom Pro Leaf Collector Technical Specifications


  • Power requirements 220-240V
  • Current Draw 8A
  • Startup Amps 26A
  • GFCI Compatible NO
  • Generator Compatible YES
  • Electrical Cord Length 5’
  • Motor 3 HP
  • Airflow Unrestricted 2800 CFM
  • Bag Columns 2
  • Impeller Size 14”
  • Sound Rating 70-80 db
  • Fused YES
  • Connector (plug) 15Amp-NEMA 6-15P
  • Circuit Breaker Required 20A-240V
  • Warranty 2 YEARS





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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect the Leaf Collector with the Zoom Pro trimming machine?

First attach the two hoses to the Y duct on the leaf collector side and secure with band clamps. Place the vacuum about 2 feet away from the Zoom Pro on vacuum port side and then slide hoses over the two exhaust ports. Secure with (2) band clamps over the hoses. The gate valve can be installed at any hose connection when you need to control & adjust air flow.

Can I adjust the vacuum air flow rate?

Yes. Add the gate valve to one of the vacuum hoses to adjust air flow rate.

How do I clean the Leaf Collector?

To clean the leaf collector, turn it off and unplug. Remove the Y connection duct with hoses and the filter bags. Remove the 8 screws around air intake plate for maximum access to the impeller for cleaning. Use a pressure washer or a plastic scraper to remove debris from impellor, housing and related ducts. Be cautious to keep the blower motor and controls covered and dry if using a pressure washer. Once cleaned reattach the intake plate with the 8 screws. Turn the vacuum on without hoses to remove any remaining material before installing bags and hoses.