Whether you grow indoors, outdoors or in a green house, as a hobby or as your primary business, Zoom Technology has you covered.


Your operation has grown and you are harvesting consistent medium to large batches for each trim cycle, our Zoom Pro saves time and money by greatly reducing your labor costs.  The Zoom Pro also thrives in an environment where your investment resides in one or more large successful harvest per year.  Due to its portability and flexibility of wet or dry trimming it makes an ideal trimming solution for this type of application.


For the serious medium to large scale grower that is on the leading edge of the supply chain in the industry.  You have made significant investment in your business with very large annual harvests. You will typically have one or more harvest per season but may be in combination with your greenhouse and indoor operation.  It is even more critical to have a superbly successful operation under these conditions.  The Zoom Pro, our latest most ruggedized harvester, fits perfectly into meeting the needs here.  Many of our large growers own numerous Zoom Harvesters and continue to buy more as their operation expands.


It all depends on how you prefer to process your material and you can always line up the trimmers in multiples. Choose what fits you best and we would always be happy to help you match to your requirements.