Zoom Technologies is an innovative trimming machine company with sales throughout USA and Canada. Our sweet spot is focused on delivering high performance machines that are easy to use, with unique features for medium to large-scale growers and processors. Our trimming machines have Parallel Double Barrel Technology that helps the end user improve efficiency, reduce labor and increase their bottom line.

We are not the biggest company, but we are the best at personalization. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest quality, not only in our products, but in our customer service standards. We want to talk to our customers and help them solve any issues directly. We are committed to 24/7 support. We thought you might want to hear directly from our customers. Here are a couple of testimonials that speak to our differentiation.



“Here at AgroTechnic in Othello, Washington we have a very large grow operation. Last year we grew over 4000lbs of dried material and needed a machine to trim this amount. We had tried other “top of the line” trimming machines and were unsatisfied. Then we found Zoom.  After both of our machines were delivered, we put them directly to work. Originally purchased for wet trimming flowers, we were able to achieve over 120 pounds per Zoom per hour. For dry flowers we connected both machines in tandem and were able to trim 70 pounds an hour very efficiently. Thanks to Barry and Cindy from Zoom technologies, last year was our best harvest to date. We can’t wait, for the next time, we can run fire up the Zooms!” – Joseph D. Shackett, Project Manager at Agro Technic, LLC

Big B

“I bought the Mini Zoom over a year ago and I love it. We cut the flower off the stem, long leaf it, feed slowly with gentle tumbling until it’s to the end. The flower comes out perfect!!!  Onto the screens until dry then we bag and it goes fast and comes out perfect (don’t get hung up on lbs. per hour). The Mini Z is the best trimmer that I have ever used.  This product is Big B approved.” – Big B from Oregon

Monster Gardens

“I’ve always been impressed with the customer service and technical support from Zoom Technologies.  The Zoom trimmers are stout high-performance machines and rarely have any issues.  The one time in my experience that one of our customers needed a warranty-covered replacement part Zoom Technologies was incredibly fast in getting our customer up and running again.  Excellent product, excellent company, and excellent support of the end consumer!” – Mark, Commercial Sales, Monster Gardens

Mellow Farms, Inc.

“We at California Mellow farms love our Double barrel ZOOM trimming machines. Our first one was purchased over three years ago then we realized how much money we saved on labor and purchased a second one two years ago. The guys at ZOOM have been great with our questions on maintaining our machines and also adding dry trim barrels too our set ups when needed. I love the quality of the construction and how user friendly it is. With the cost of labor rising this is a must have for our company.  Thank you, Zoom Technologies, for such a great product.”  – Craig Walker, Mellow Farms, Inc.