Zoom Pro Tandem Rack




Part# 00950


Connects 2  Zoom Pro bud trimming machines together quickly. Operating 2 Zoom Pros in tandem can result in 4 times more throughput than running 1 single barrel trimmer. 


  • Lightweight attachment
  • No tools required
  • Easy and quick setup
  • 4 Zoom Pros can be setup in line with 3 racks





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Frequently Asked Questions

How many tandem racks do I need to setup 2 Zoom Pro’s...?

One tandem rack is needed to connect 2 Zoom Pro’s.

How do I setup tandem Zoom Pro?

Set the first Zoom Pro trimming machine into position and slide tandem rack in place on the hopper end, remove hopper, center and lock rack into place with the 2 pins. Lift the second machine frame end onto the rack aligning the barrels together. Raise the first machine to the desired height then slide the rack legs down and tighten in place. Raise the second machine up to line the barrel ends parallels from the top side. Make sure the barrels are not touching together on the end surfaces. Ready to go.