Why Two Barrels Are Better Than One

Why Two Barrels Are Better Than One


An In-Depth Look at Zoom Pro Double Barrel Trimming Machine


Zoom Pro trimming machine has two side-by-side barrels, sharing one reel cutter which sits underneath and in-between the two barrels. This innovative design not only increases the throughput more than twice than what a single barrel machine can process, but also saves you a lot of cleaning time because we don’t simply attach two single barrel machines together. These two parallel barrels share ONE trimming mechanism, which simplified the machine maintenance process.

If you set 2, 3 or multiple single barrel machines side by side and run them together, you definitely could increase the production capacity. You can find trimming machines in this type of concept (like Gladiator and 3.0) on the market, which is a consolidation of a few single barrel trimmers. But why you want to clean 2 or 3 entire machines when you have the option of cleaning one? More clean time wastes your labor and money.

Our patented counter-rotate barrel system also treats products gently. Learn more about Counter-Rotate Barrel System.



The two parallel barrel design also takes up less space than two separate single- barrel trimmers. This can be especially useful for growers with limited space or those who need to move their trimming machine frequently.

Because the dual-barrel mechanism increases 100% more capacity, the Zoom Pro is very cost-effective compared with purchasing multiple single barrel trimmers to meet the high throughput requirement.

If two barrels are good, why not 3, or 5? Parallel triple barrel trimming machines are typically large and require a lot of space. They may not be suitable for growers with limited workspace or those who need a portable machine. With three parallel barrels, the machines require more maintenance than other types of trimming machines. Each barrel and blade assembly must be cleaned and maintained separately, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. They also tend to be heavier with more barrels and increased size of motors, which could make them more challenging to move or transport. Some triple barrel machines are not possible to make through the regular-size doorway.

From increased throughput to reduced cleaning time, a double barrel trimming machine like Zoom Pro makes the trimming process more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable for cannabis cultivators.