Double Down on Efficiency

Double Down on Efficiency
The Benefits of Running Trimming Machines in Tandem


The unique parallel double barrel design of the Zoom Pro has already increased the feed rate and throughput two times more than the single barrel machines on the market, by allowing more products to be processed simultaneously. While linking 2 Zoom Pros in tandem (front to end) the throughput can be greatly improved again by double or more. Commercial hemp cultivators who need to process thousands of pounds of flowers every day tend to run multiple trimming machines together.

INCREASED FEEDING RATE AND THROUGHPUT: by allowing for a continuous flow of product through 2 connected Zoom Pros, the feeding rate and throughput are greatly increased.

Wet Dry
One Zoom Pro 100-150lbs/hr

Two Zoom Pros 200-300lbs/hr


BETTER TRIM: having the flowers run through 2 Zoom Pros is like trimming them twice. Therefore, you get a better and tight trimming result. With the tilt angle feature you can adjust the machine incline to move the product through faster or slower depends on your needs.

REDUCED FOOTPRINT: running machines in tandem can reduce the overall footprint of the equipment, which can be beneficial in facilities with limited space. It also takes fewer people to feed tandem Zoom Pros than two machines side by side. The saved labor can work on other jobs at the same time to generate profit.

Operating 2 Zoom Pros in tandem can result in 4 times more throughput than running 1 single barrel trimmer. If you’d like to learn how certain features can greatly increase the production capacity and maintain a consistent trimming quality, please click here.